Vendor Requirements




Re: Vendor Requirements

It is a policy of Roland Marketing, Inc. and Metro Packaging Corporation that all   suppliers have established food safety practices in place which form the foundation of their agricultural, manufacturing & production facility standards.   All product(s) (both raw materials and finished goods) need to meet or exceed all PACA (Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act), FDA (Food & Drug Administration) & USDA  (United States Department of Agriculture ) regulations. All vendors should have at a minimum, well established and documented GMP’S. (Good Manufacturing Practices) & GAP’S (Good Agricultural Practices). All vendors will be responsible for submitting proof of: 1) A food safety program audited and certified by an accredited third party certification service, or 2) A signed Letter of Guarantee stating that the product(s) you sell to Roland Marketing, Inc. and Metro Packaging Corporation are safe. 

It is also a policy of Roland Marketing, Inc. and Metro Packaging Corporation to require a Certificate of Insurance from each of our suppliers evidencing product liability insurance.

Please note that we require a current Certificate of Insurance detailing your company’s general liability, product liability, auto liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage with a minimum limit of liability of $1,000,000, with excess coverage of no less than $3,000,000.

The Certificate of Insurance should name the following companies as additional insured vendor on the general liability, product liability policy:

Roland Marketing, Inc.

Metro Packaging Corporation

7000 Highway 65 NE

Fridley, MN 55432

 Please have your insurance department or broker send us an annual update of your Certificate of Insurance for our file.  Please call our broker, Justin Pool at (952) 956-8710 or us at (763) 571-3590 if you have any questions.

Thank you.  

Dan Meuers