Mini Pumpkins (Jack Be Little Variety):

Jack Be Little’s are tiny, attractive pumpkins that have perky, strong stems. They are a good specialty item for decorations.

Pumpkins (Hannibal Variety):

This variety ranks VERY high amongst the best for Jack-O-Lanterns! Very attractive, dark orange color with embedded thick, dark stems. Exceptionally uniform in size & shape.


This is a wonderful mixture of Gourds with shapes like spoons, pears and rounds. Some have    warts and some have wings. A favorite among consumers!

White Pumpkins (Moonshine Variety):

Strong, dark, embedded handles along with uniformity, shape, and striking white color elevate “Moonshine” as the superior white pumpkin variety. Shelter these pumpkins from sunlight to prevent yellowing.

Harvest Corn:

These unique colorful varieties of Harvest Corn are a popular Fall favorite among consumers. Used to hang on the front door of your home or in a bowl used as a table centerpiece, these are sure to put you in a “Fall Harvest” mood!

Corn Shocks:

These decorative “Corn Shocks” can be tied to trees, light poles or just stood up in the yard. They are a must for any serious Fall decorator!

Autumn Couleur Pumpkins varieties include but are not limited to:

Cinderella - Shaped like Cinderella’s fairy tale coach. It has a very thick, sweet flesh for cooking. It also has a unique shape for carving and decorations.

Cushaw - Cushaws are a large squash variety. They are bulb shaped with a yellow flesh. They’re good for baking, making pies or even Fall decorating.

Fairy Tale – The Fairy Tale has a very unique orange-brown skin with deep sutures and orange flesh. It is a Coach-like shaped ornamental pumpkin.

Galeuse D’Eysines (Peanut) – This spectacular squash is pink with beige bumps, that resemble peanuts, covering its surface making this pumpkin-like squash truly unique!

Long Island Cheese – Long Island Cheese is a tan colored, attractive, flattened heirloom variety that is great for decorations, and the sweet orange flesh is also very favorable for pie.

One Too Many – A totally unique novelty pumpkin! The fruit skin has “veins” that crawl across a white background. When you see this pumpkin, you’ll swear you’ve had “one too many”!

Red Warty Thing – A variety from the U.S. Seed Bank with an appearance that is well suited as an unusual addition for the decorative market. Good eating Hubbard type flesh with a very hard, thick, warty rind.